Auto Insurance and Teen Drivers

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Teen Driver and Nervous Parent in Car

As a parent of a new teen driver, having your teen get their license can be enough to drive you crazy. Not only do you now have the safety of your teen behind the wheel to think about, but you also must think about your auto insurance.

The Cost of Teen Auto Insurance
Teens tend to cost more to insure for good reason. The rates are typically higher for teens than other drivers primarily because they pose a bigger risk of accidents as opposed to experienced drivers. Teen drivers are also more likely than the average driver to get tickets.

Your insurance premium could very well increase to over 50 percent by adding your teenager, says the Insurance Information Institute (III), and in some cases, it could double.

What are Parents Required to Do?
Most insurance companies will require that all licensed members of your home be added to your policy, regardless if they are driving your vehicle or not.

Once your teenager gets his license, you have to either take out a separate policy for them or add them to your own. You also need to contact your insurer to ask about their rules in the event you only have custody part-time. Typically, the parent who has primary custody adds the teenager. This is not always the case, however.

If you have multiple vehicles, you may be able to save money on premiums by limiting your teen to driving only a single vehicle. To avoid having to pay a premium for your teen on other vehicles, you will need a named exclusion. This is where you and your insurance company agree, through an endorsement to your policy, that your teen does not have coverage on those vehicles. Your teen is not covered for any claim caused by them either.

How Can I Add a Teen
Most Cost Effectively?

It is often less expensive to add a teen to an existing policy instead of buying a separate one, and this is what most parents do. There are other things you can do to reduce the cost of adding a teen driver to your insurance.

Take advantage of discounts.
Many insurance providers provide discounts. The Good Student Discount is one insurance providers offer to students who maintain good grades (B average or higher). Others offer programs, such as educational videos, online safety courses, contracts between parents and teens and driving logs to foster safe driving habits.

Some insurance companies are subsidizing the costs of electronic gadgets, such as GPS tracking devices, which can be installed by parents in their cars for monitoring their teen driver. Then they offer discounts to policyholders whose teenagers use those gadgets. This is part of a concerted effort to reduce teen-involved crashes.

Work with your insurer
to check your coverage.

You may save some money on your policy by dropping comprehensive and collision coverage on older cars that are not worth much more than the deductible itself. Chances are with an older car, you’ll pay more in premiums than you would receive from the insurance company in the event your car is totaled. You can research Kelley Blue Book to see your car's value.

Get a safe car.
Not only will you be able to sleep better knowing your teen is driving a safe car, but your premiums will be cheaper as well.

Take advantage of bundling.
If you have both a homeowners and auto insurance policy with the same insurance company, you’ll likely be granted a multi-policy discount. By adding an umbrella policy, you can even get another discount, which offers additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your auto insurance.

Consider 'Pay-as-you-go'
or usage-based insurance.

For this insurance policy, a device, which will monitor the driving behavior of anyone behind the wheel, is installed in your car. When the driver displays good driving habits, you are financially rewarded. This is the perfect way for you to keep an eye on how your teen is driving and save some money as well.

The bottom line is this: there are always ways for you to save money on your insurance premiums while keeping your teen safe at the same time. Give your insurance company a call to get a quote and discuss the number of options you can implement to save on adding your teenager to your auto insurance policy. Of course, your main priority is to keep your teen safe while behind the wheel; saving money on your auto insurance is a bonus.

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