Taking a 'Staycation'

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Staycation - young couple visiting zoo

When you think of vacations, you may think of beaches, popular theme parks, or even traveling to a place you’ve never been. All of those ideas may sound great, but what if you’re short on time or want to stay closer to home? If so, do just that and take a staycation! Simply put, a staycation is a vacation spent at home and involves taking day trips to local attractions.

How to Have an Amazing Staycation

Prepare ahead of time.
Just as you would make travel arrangements and pack before a vacation, take the time to get ready for your staycation, too. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Let your friends, family, and place of employment know you will be unavailable. If you don’t want to be interrupted during your staycation, communication is the key. Ask friends and family to contact you only in an emergency. Let your manager know that even though you’ll be at home during your vacation, for all business purposes you will be unavailable.
  • Budget for your staycation. Determine how much money you want to spend and commit to staying within that budget.
  • Take care of chores in advance. Wash clothes. Clean house. Mow the lawn. Do whatever it takes so you can relax and enjoy your time off. Not having to worry about daily tasks can only make your staycation that much more enjoyable.
  • Prepay your bills. That way you won’t have to worry about missing a payment or the consequences thereof.
  • Stock your fridge. Buy the basics so you can prepare some of your meals at home. If you are on a tight budget, remember that dining at home is usually less expensive than dining out.

Be a tourist in your own city.
Try to look at your city through new eyes. If you were visiting for the first time, what attractions might you be interested in seeing? Ask friends, neighbors and co-workers about their favorite spots in town or within an easy day trip distance. For other ideas, check out your local Convention & Visitors Bureau website for recommended activities. Some destinations could include:

  • National parks, state parks, botanical gardens, or arboretums
  • Museums, science centers, or historical sites
  • Zoos, aquariums, or amusement parks
  • Restaurants
  • Baseball games (or other sporting events)
  • Bowling alleys, miniature golf courses, and laser tag centers
  • Musical or dramatic performances
  • Golf courses

Have fun doing something or nothing at home.
You don't have to fill every day of your staycation with elaborate plans and activities. In fact, the most relaxing vacation may often include days when you don't feel like you need to do much of anything. Sleep in, go outside and read a good book, play board games with your kids, or go for a walk around the neighborhood. A staycation is also a perfect time to do something you enjoy but never seem to have the time for.

No matter how you choose to spend your staycation, remember to slow down, relax and enjoy it. It will be time well-spent.