Treat Yourself to an October Getaway

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One of the great things about living in retirement is flexibility in scheduling. If you’re retired, you’re most likely not tied down to a job, nor are you raising small children. That means you’re well-positioned to take advantage of off-peak vacation times. During the trick-or-treat season, why not treat yourself to a getaway?

Need some ideas for destinations? Here are a few suggestions.

•Perhaps you enjoy the resort life. In October, various resorts and hotels offer attractive packages, VIP perks, or even free nights. As an added bonus, destinations likely won’t be nearly as crowded as they are during the peak summer vacation season.

•Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit all 50 states and have one or two left to complete. Why not check those few remaining states off your list now? Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, your options are all less crowded in the off-season.

•Perhaps you’d like to view some beautiful fall foliage in New England. The time is right at the peak of autumn.

•If you’re wanting a tropical Hawaiian getaway, prices of lodging tend to get less expensive off-season. Your luau could be much lighter on the wallet.

•There’s also a list of UNESCO World Heritage sites to choose from. With locations all around the globe, there’s plenty to choose from no matter what your interests are.

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