Using Bill Pay to Save Money

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Helen pays the bills in her household. Every month she spends a little less than two hours making out checks or logging in on various websites to pay her bills. Not only does this take time, but when logging in, she has to remember each login name and password. If a check is sent in the mail, a stamp has to be located or purchased at the post office. It’s simply not something she looks forward to every month. Can you relate to Helen?

If so, consider the benefits of BancorpSouth’s Online Bill Pay service. You can conveniently receive, track and pay all your bills online in minutes. Beyond that, you’ll likely save some money while you’re at it. Consider the following ways you’ll save with Bill Pay:

  • Schedule recurring payments, so you’ll never have to think about paying your bills again – it will automatically be done for you.
  • Set up alerts when bills are due so you can pay on time and avoid any late fees.
  • Save money and time by not having to buy stamps or drive to the post office.
  • You’ll be notified whenever funds are about to be withdrawn from your account to pay for a bill. You’ll just need to make sure the funds are available to avoid any other type of fee.
  • Besides the time and money you’ll save using Online Bill Pay, it’s also a very secure way to pay your bills. By limiting your bill paying to one site, you’ll keep your personal financial information safer and limit your exposure to identity theft. Plus, you can receive some of your bills electronically through Online Bill Pay – storing your bills in a secure location, and not in your mailbox.

    If you dread paying bills each month, take a load off and use Online Bill Pay – overall you’ll save time, money and have a more secure experience.