Make Your Staycation the Best Stay Ever

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Everyone needs a break. However, traveling to a tropical island or spending the week in another country may not be something you budgeted for this year. Why not plan a staycation and take your break right in the comfort of your home? Follow these simple pointers to make your staycation the best vacation ever.

While it may be tempting to work while you’re at home, a staycation is all about unplugging. Create an out-of-office message for your email and turn off your computer. If you can silence the ringer on your phone, do it. Turning off and tuning out is a great way to get the most out of never leaving home. Enjoy!

Stay local.
Everything you do on your staycation should be close to home. Don’t overextend yourself and travel somewhere too far during the day. That way, you can sleep in your own bed at night and be rejuvenated for the next day.

Explore. Experience. Try something new.
Many times we ignore the places that are nearby and put them in the back of our minds as something we’ll do someday. Let today be someday. Make a list of local activities you and your family enjoy doing – go to a museum, take a train ride, go on a dinner cruise, spend the day at the beach or in the mountains, go to a sporting event, try a new restaurant, watch a movie or theatrical production, go hiking or drive to a spot you’ve wanted to visit. Consider having each family member pick something to do each day and work your schedule around it. Set a budget for the activities you want to accomplish and track the amount that you spend using a budgeting tool such as BudgetWi$e. Be sure not to overspend so you can do as many items on your list as possible.

Keep your activities in check.
While you want to do fun things every day during your staycation, be sure you don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be completely exhausted after only a few days. Factor in downtime for napping, reading a book, spending time at the community pool or binge watching that show everyone is talking about. The rule is: do whatever helps you unwind.

Splurge a little – with rewards.
Because you’re staying home, you may have some extra money available to do something you would normally never do. Splurge on a nice dinner for the family, or spend the day at a local spa. Consider using the reward points earned on your BancorpSouth credit card to stay at a hotel for the weekend or eat at a restaurant you wouldn’t normally go to with your family. Take advantage of using your reward points – even if you’re close to home. Nothing makes you feel like you’re on vacation like doing things you’d never do.

Whether you spend two days or 10 on a staycation, your ability to reconnect with your family without the extra stress of blowing your budget will help you be more productive and happy in the long run. By following these simple pointers, you’ll find your staycation may be exactly what’s needed to get you through the rest of the year with ease.