Seven Ways Online Banking Can Improve Your Financial Well-Being

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Online Banking

The Internet has changed the way we live and communicate. Online banking has become one of the most common ways our customers manage their account(s) at BancorpSouth. It’s an easy and efficient way to track their money and access it when they need it most. But, beyond the efficiency of online banking, it can also help improve your financial well-being. Here are seven online banking benefits to consider:

  1. Bank at your convenience. You can manage your accounts 24/7 with online banking. It’s easy to check account balances and transfers funds when needed. You can also create automatic transfers to your savings from your checking account.
  2. Use mobile deposits. If you want to make deposits at your own convenience (and not wait in any line), use Mobile Deposit. Simply download our Mobile Banking app to your phone and follow the directions to get started. It’s just another great benefit of online banking.
  3. Set up account alerts. Using online banking, you can set email alerts to let you know when your account balance is low, when a check has cleared, or when a deposit has been made. Balance-limit alerts can help prevent overdraft fees – and give you an added layer of protection against fraud.
  4. Pay your bills. Using Online Bill Pay, you can receive, track and pay your bills online whenever you want. Make one-time payments, schedule recurring payments, or even set alerts to let you know when bills are due. Not only is this quick and easy, but it will help you avoid late fees.
  5. Make or receive payments. You can send, request and receive money with just about anyone online or through your mobile device – pay your babysitter, split your bill at a restaurant among friends, or even pay your gardener each month. It’s easy, safe and secure.
  6. Receive online statements. Online statements gives you immediate access to statements once they’re posted. Not only will this help you keep track of your expenses, but it will eliminate another stack of papers on your desk and keep your information secure.
  7. Sync with money management applications. BancorpSouth’s Online Banking allows you to sync account information easily and effortlessly to money management applications like Quicken™ and many others. You can then manage all of your accounts in one place–—track your spending, establish a budget, monitor your expenses, and more.

These are just some of the advantages of using online banking at BancorpSouth. If you haven’t already done so, review what’s available through online banking and start managing your accounts in “real time” and improve your financial well-being today.

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