Tracking Your Finances on the Go

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Mobile phone- online banking app

When you’re on the go, keeping up with the money you spend can become difficult. To effectively stay within a budget and reach your financial goals, monitoring what you spend is a must. Here are a few ways to help you stay on track.

Use online banking.
One of the best ways to keep track of your spending is to make sure you have access to your finances at all times. If you use online banking, you will have secure access to your account anywhere you have an internet connection. Plus, with BancorpSouth’s online banking service you can manage your bills, transfer money, receive balance notifications and much more.

Use mobile banking.
If you are always on the go and don’t have quick access to your computer, you should consider downloading BancorpSouth’s mobile banking app. Using the MyBXS app, you can check your balance and review what you’ve spent and where. You can even set up alerts to help you monitor your account effectively. Text banking is also available so you can check your balance or transaction history.

Use money management tools.
If you sign up for online banking at BancorpSouth, you’ll have access to BudgetWi$e®. This tool provides a complete view of all your finances all in one place – from tracking what you spend to monitoring your overall budget and savings goals. Using BudgetWi$e® may help you reach your financial goals more quickly because you’ll constantly see where you stand. You can link accounts at other institutions as well. That way, you can view your entire financial picture – not just what you have saved or spent using BancorpSouth accounts – in one spot.

Keep it manual. Keep it simple.
You can save your receipts or take a picture of them and enter them manually into a budget spreadsheet at home. Just remember, this may not be the most accurate or easiest way to monitor your budget – especially if you’re busy.

No matter how you track your spending, the most important thing is that you do it. Remember, whether you grab dinner at the drive-thru after a late work night or purchase an item needed for school – everything you spend counts. The more you understand your spending habits, the better you can budget realistically for a stronger financial future.

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