10 Online Security Measures for Everyday Practice

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Banking online is one of the most popular ways to access your account. For added protection, however, we encourage you to implement the following 10 security measures in your everyday practice.

1. Change your password regularly - create a password that is difficult to crack (stay away from using your birthdate, anniversary, pet’s name or any other common reference as part of your password).

2. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts - try to avoid using the “save and remember your password” feature on your browser as well.

3. Only use BancorpSouth’s official banking app for mobile banking - our app has been rigorously tested to ensure all your data is secure and encrypted.

4. Don’t click on a suspicious email or text message link - BancorpSouth will never send you an email or text message asking you to click on a link to update your account information, including resetting your password (unless you initiate the change).

5. Keep your anti-virus, anti-spyware and malware removal programs updated - and do so as soon as you know updates are available to download.

6. Use online bill pay – that way, you’re only using one login to conduct your financial business instead of multiple login requirements for multiple accounts and sites.

7. Log out when your session has ended - BancorpSouth’s online and mobile banking services will automatically log you out after a set time; however, it is a good practice to log out as soon as you’ve completed your online transactions.

8. Use secure sites when shopping online - look for a closed “lock” before the URL, or look for “https” in the URL title.

9. Keep your devices locked when you’re not using them - this includes your phone, your laptop and any other mobile device you may use, and be sure you have a way to lock or destroy its contents if you lose your device.

10. Regularly check your deposit and credit card transactions - set up email and text alerts to let you know when a large transaction has been made, when your balance drops below a certain amount, or if fraudulent activity is suspected.

The online world is a wonderful way to conveniently transact your business; however, it’s also a place where hackers live. At BancorpSouth, we’re committed to helping your financial information stay safe and secure no matter where you use our online or mobile banking services. By implementing the security measures outlined above, you’ll be able to help protect yourself against unauthorized use of your account.

To learn more about our Online and Mobile Banking services, click here, or call 888-797-7711. If you’ve noticed the unauthorized use of your account, contact BancorpSouth immediately.