Little Cuts to Save You Money During the Holidays

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Are you tired of scrambling to get that last gift with whatever money you can scrape up? The problem might not be your income, it might be that you have spent too much on other holiday needs and wants.

The good news is that it's easy to find a few dollars here and there to reduce some expenses. Shaving dollars from your holiday expenses can be realistic by making simple changes to your spending habits.

Shop around

How do you shop for groceries for the big holiday meal you're hosting? A little planning will save money on your holiday grocery bill. Before hitting the stores, check newspaper ads for coupons and sales. This way you can buy milk, chicken and vegetables where they're the most affordable for your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Clipping coupons may take time, but can come in handy at not only grocery stores, but restaurants and retail stores as well.

Brown bag it

Do you work in a busy downtown area located close to dozens of restaurants? It's time to stop dining at these eateries and start bringing your lunch to work. By bringing a sandwich, chips and apple from home, you can dramatically cut down on your weekly expenses.

Be thrifty at thrift stores

You might be surprised at the holiday bargains you can find at thrift and resale stores on clothing, toys, electronics and tools. Many of the items they carry are in surprisingly good shape, and it will save on your holiday budget.

A light bulb just went out

Install compact florescent light bulbs - better known as CFLs - throughout your home. They cost more upfront, but they're far more efficient than traditional light bulbs and will help you lower your monthly electric bill.

When you make these little cuts, you might be surprised at how much money you have at the end of the holidays.