Introduction to Online Bill Pay

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Paying bills online has moved to the mainstream. This isn't surprising—Online Bill Pay is convenient and environmentally friendly, plus it can save you money.

Here are the basics of how Online Bill Pay works:


Think about how much work it is to mail your mortgage payment, car payment or student loan each month. You have to write out a check, record the amount you're paying in your checkbook's ledger, address an envelope, find a stamp and walk or drive your bill to your local post office or the nearest mailbox.

When you're paying a lot of bills each month—as the average U.S. household is—this can add up to a lot of wasted time.

When you pay your bills online, you simply log on to or your bank's website, enter your username and password and access your Online Banking account. You can then either individually send your payments for your credit card, vehicle or electric bill, or you can set up automatic payments where your bank sends your payments to your creditors on the same day each month, without you having to do anything.

You can set up Online Bill Pay through your Online Banking account, or call 1-888-797-7711 and speak with a customer service representative for assistance.

Cost Savings

That leads to the next benefit of Online Bill Pay: It can save you money over time.

Consider these numbers from ClearPoint Credit Counseling: The company estimates that the average U.S. household pays 15 bills every month. If you factor in the cost of a stamp for all of those bills, it comes to more than $80 a year. At BancorpSouth, we offer Online Banking with Bill Pay, which means not paying for as many stamps.

Those calculations don't factor in the cost of envelopes or the gasoline you spend driving to and from the post office.

Now, $80 a year might not seem like much money, but it can add up. And why spend it if you don't have to?

Environmental Factors

Do you care about the environment? Do you consider yourself a 'green' person? Then Online Banking and Online Bill Pay is for you.

Think of how much paper you waste when paying bills the old fashioned way. Your creditor sends you a paper bill. You use an envelope to send it back. You tear off a check from your checkbook to write for your payment. That's a lot of paperwork that simply disappears when using Online Bill Pay and Online Banking.


Some consumers are hesitant to sign up for Online Bill Pay because of security concerns. They don't want hackers to gain access to their accounts.

This is a reasonable fear, but you can take simple steps to protect your accounts.

First, choose a password for your accounts that will be difficult for others to hack. Make sure to include numbers, symbols and letters in your password. Secondly, don't fall for phishing scams. We will never email you and ask you for a reply with any personal or sensitive information such as your PIN, Social Security number or account numbers. Never give out personal information online or over the phone to someone claiming to be from your financial institution. If you receive such requests, someone may be trying to acquire your personal information.

Log in to your Online Banking account and enroll in Bill Pay today!