Keep Your Valuables Safe While You’re Away

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Keep your home and valuables safe

After your family, the most valuable possession you may have is your home – and that includes the contents. Whether you are traveling this summer or just leaving your home each day for work, here are some ways to keep your valuables safe until you return.

  • Ask a Friend to Help – Ask someone you trust to watch your home if you go out of town – to bring in your mail, turn on different lights each night, and generally take care of your home until you return.
  • Don’t Create Unnecessary Attention – Use caution when you share information on social media about when you’re going to be out of town. Remember, your friends may not be the only ones following you.
  • Store Your Valuables – Purchase a fireproof safe for valuables, or open a safe deposit box at BancorpSouth.
  • Create an Inventory of Your Possessions – Create an inventory of your valuables, including when each item was purchased (or its origin), a description of each item, and where each item is located. Keep a hard copy in a secure location and another copy on your laptop or mobile device. Take pictures or a video of each room in your home (including all your valuables) for insurance purposes in the case of a disaster or other emergency situation. This may also be a good time to update your insurance policy to reflect the most recent appraisal of your valuables. And be sure you have enough coverage for all your valuables – including anything you’ve recently purchased.
  • Conserve Energy – Unplug your larger appliances and electronics when you leave, and use light timers to turn lights on and off in different rooms and at different times of the day or night. By doing so, you’ll protect your appliances and electronics from a power surge and possibly save money while you’re away from home.
  • Consider an Alarm System – Purchase an alarm system for your home that will detect burglary, robbery, fire and other harmful elements at your home. If you don’t feel an alarm system is necessary, be sure to lock your doors and windows anytime you leave your home.
  • Remove Your Spare Key – Don’t use a hidden key at your home. If you feel someone needs to have a key in case of emergency, give an extra one to a trusted neighbor, friend or family member.

The solution to keeping your valuables safe is preparation. While some of these suggestions may take time, the result will be your peace of mind in the case of a burglary, natural disaster or another emergency while you’re out of town.